Capital Dynamics

Mira Williams and Seamus Dewsnap performing at the Capital Dynamics US Annual Investor Meeting in Half Moon Bay, CA, October 24-25, 2012

Hana Mizuta-Spencer and John York performing at the Capital Dynamics EU Annual Investor Meeting in London, June 04, 2014

Capital Dynamics (, an independent, global asset manager based in Zug, Switzerland, has supported Astona International since 2011. Capital Dynamics commented:

«At Capital Dynamics, conviction, performance and tenacity are our core values – we believe that by having these values, we can grow both individually and together as a firm. Which is why when we initiated our sponsorship program, we were determined to find talented individuals who share these values – leading us to Astona International!»

Since 2011, Capital Dynamics has given several highly-talented young musicians the chance to attend Astona’s international summer academy through scholarships and general financial support. “We are thankful for the opportunity to help such exceptionally talented young musicians turn their passion of music into a profession”, added Capital Dynamics.