Linus Roth, Violin

Naturally I have loads of wonderful memories of Astona, which remain with me until today. When I was in Astona for the first time at age 12, a whole new world opened up for me. Suddenly I was surrounded by young people who loved music as much as I did! This was wonderful, as I was the only pupil in my class at school who played a classical instrument. For five summers Astona was the yearly highlight of my youth: the exchange of ideas with others, playing chamber music, meeting musicians from other countries, learning from observing others who were more advanced, and the breathtaking Swiss scenery: all this contributed to unforgettable experiences, which I so enjoy remembering to this day. Astona gave me enough inspiration in all ways to get me through the year until the next summer! Nowadays I frequently encounter friends and acquaintances from Astona in the music world with whom a conversation invariably begins: «Remember back then when we were in Astona together....?»

1977, Germany